IMG_6353Welcome to my mad world!

It all started with 2 dogs, 2 budgies, 2 cockatiels, 2 Guinea pigs, 2 rats and a snake. Sounds a bit like Noah’s Ark! Now, only 2 years later we have 10 chickens, 4 ducks, 17 quail, 12 budgies, 4 cockatiels, 2 pigeons, 3 Guinea pigs, 2 hares, 2 Pygmy goats, 2 rats, 2 mice and 2 snakes!!! (Not forgetting the other animals in my house…4 kids and a husband)

I’m sure I seem strange to outsiders, most people struggle with a hamster or a goldfish, but I wouldn’t be without any one of them. Animals don’t judge me in any way, they love me for who I am. OK, granted, I’m the one holding the treats but still, I’m sure they love me. They don’t care if I haven’t done my hair or put on make-up, they couldn’t give two hoots that I let them all out and feed them their breakfast whilst still in my pyjamas!  I know that they trust me with their lives and I take that very seriously. Sometimes they eat better than the family do!

I’m not so sure my daughter doesn’t judge me though, I think she’s a little fed up with me forgetting to change my shoes! I’m always doing the school run, taking her to gymnastics, swimming lessons and even Drs appointments while wearing my ever faithful crocs. Are they stylish? No. Do they go with the dress I’m wearing? No. Are they practical? Yes. Are they comfy enough for me to go about my daily chores and forget I’m wearing them? Definitely!

Im very lucky that my family love animals too, in fact they help out too. My 15 year old son is as avid as I am about quails and has helped a lot this year with breeding. My 13 year old son is the snake lover, he has a 7 year old corn snake named Rosie and a 2 year old boa constrictor named Nagini. He also helps with the Guinea pigs and budgies and even helped raise our budgie chicks last year. My 10 year old son keeps rats and dreams of breeding them one day, I do love them but don’t really want his bedroom over run with hundreds! He also helps out with the chickens, taking them on the swing or cuddling and talking to them. Finally, my 6 year old daughter has mice and she takes care of them by herself as she’s such a big girl. She also loves to sit in the barn on Sunday mornings and read stories to our goats Joey and Angus. I say finally but that was forgetting my darling husband! I could never forget him, he is the best man I ever met and will do anything for me…so this year, whilst on gardening leave, he’s been busy building all new animal enclosures, a home for the baby goats that he bought me for my 40th birthday this spring, a new chicken/duck coop and run, also new aviaries.